Duties & Responsibilities

  • Building maintenance and repair mechanical systems to ensure they are consistent with health and safety standards.
  • Perform maintenance of electrical systems (wiring. replace/install light bulbs and sockets, troubleshoot DB panels etc.)
  • Assist in the setup of ventilation, refrigeration and other systems and conduct repairs when necessary.
  • Conduct general upkeep procedures (e.g. landscaping) and other tasks as assigned (painting, carpentry etc.)
  • Maximum care to be given to the maintenance of physical asset of the entire building and factory in order to keep them in best possible functional state.
  • To keep all equipment in good order by providing daily maintenance of the equipment.
  • Assist the team leader in the development, planning and implementation of a preventive maintenance program.
  • Coordinate and ensure all work are carried out efficiently minimizing any inconveniences to customer or factory operations and to take corrective action when necessary.

Job Requirements
Must to have:
Candidate must possess at least Professional Certificate in Engineering (Electrical/Electronic), Engineering (Mechanical), Engineering (Mechatronic/Electromechanical) or equivalent.