Duties & Responsibilities
• Responsible mainly for verbal and written translation from Japanese to English and Malay or vice versa.
• Interpret and translate the contents in workplace, meetings, business negotiations, external survey etc.
• Japanese translation in documents, emails or message as instructed by General Manager.
• Attend various meetings and create minutes, arrange meeting schedule if necessary.
• Act as Translator to translate meeting discussions for the understanding of all attendees.
• Ensure the translated version conveys the meaning of the original as clearly as possible.
• Ensure translation is completed to a high standard of quality and keeps to timelines.
• Communicate concisely and accurately by using appropriate language to ensure smooth discussion, both inside and outside the company.
• Maintain confidentiality of documents and whatever confidential information received and/or have knowledge of.
• Communicate between HQ and GM so that business can be carried out smoothly.
• Assist the company and management team with written and oral communication as needed.
• Able to present and introduce the factory to external business partners during factory visitations or business negotiations.
• Support management team in any production related work such as production record etc.
• Collect and report regarding any latest announcement from the government.
• Convey information regarding the situation of factory in Malaysia.
• Weekly update production forecast volume and send out to the related parties.
• Generate Delivery Order and ensure data accuracy.
• Perform other duties as assigned by Superior from time to time.

Job Requirements
•Responsible to ensure the communication in the production and meeting is smooth despite language barriers.

  Employment Type:  Permanent (Full Time)

  Spoken Language:  Malay, English

  Written Language:  Malay, English