Duties & Responsibilities
• Do product development in general; from designing product to develop the prototypes (Weighing, preparation, shaping (including Danish pastry), baking, simple packaging, product prototype inspection (inspection itself is performed by QA), carrying out in-house monitoring of the product prototype to prove the degree of perfection.
• Need to attend various product development meetings, prepare sample for tasting the product prototype and record the minutes.
• Able to produce sample of product prototype upon request.
• Able to prepare and manage various material related to manufacture.
• Able to conduct testing on dough and develop new dough by combining or renew existing dough in order to improve the quality of our product.
• Need to always examine the product prototype and checking the expiration date of the product.
• Need to create test run and specification for the new product, manufacturing process manuals, product information, and product manuals.
• Confirming the inspection contents, determine the expiration date and provide product information to JAKIM.
• Regularly perform sensory evaluation on released products to confirm product quality.
• Pioneer in new ingredients, able to request various ingredients sample and execute the test.
• Stock-taking ingredients and share the information with purchaser so it does not become the dead stock. (In the case of imported product, please consider the customs clearance period)
• Regularly (at least twice a month) survey market trends to understand the current situation.
• Actively participate in food exhibitions and study sessions to improve the skills.
• Purchase products from competitors i.e. FamilyMart and create catalogue of the product.
• Accompany business negotiations with new business partners, design, sample, and improve products, and do adjustments for product launch.
• Assist in adhoc task assigned by Superior from time to time.

Job Requirements
• Assist in product development of myNEWS Ryoyupan

  Employment Type:  Permanent (Full Time)

  Spoken Language:  Malay, English

  Written Language:  Malay, English