Duties & Responsibilities

  • Demand and supply forecasting across both front and back office areas, ensuring all short term and long term plans are accurately completed, focusing on both supply and demand drivers. Ensuring targets are being achieved across MOH and demand planning on DIFOT/OTIF (on time, in full) & reduce OOS, inventory level/turns, inventory record accuracy, (import & export), phase in/out simulations.
  • Building new capacity planning models and processes for forecasting considering AHT (Average Handling Time), enhancing replenishment models and overseeing SLOB (slow moving and obsolesces) inventory.
  • Establishing a good and timely communication to stakeholders. Ensuring constant update on delivery, warehouse operations, mitigating risk and access calculated risk.
  • Analyse all supplies and demand components using appropriate techniques and tools, interpreting the outcomes by preparing reports and providing solutions to facilitate business decisions. Ensuring OOS to be minimised and analyse SFC by SKU, categories & brands.
  • Determine Supply and Demand Planning requirements by maintaining close contact with merchandising, buyers and operations team, focus group, benchmark best practices and analysing information and applications.
  • Work closely with operation team, ensuring the supplies at store level are being optimised with dry goods & ready to eat products.
  • Improving quality results by studying, evaluating, re-designating and implementing changes which includes forecast accuracy, forecast bias, monitoring of OOS (out of stocks situation), ensuring vendor performance and KPI are delivered and improving opportunity to close gaps and built relationships.
  • Proficiency in SOP by setting up and implementing monthly SOP.
  • Working closely with internal teams, ensuring FEFO are being strictly followed to minimise wastage due to expiry.

Job Requirements

  • Minimum 8 years’ experience in supply or demand planning role.
  • People management skill.
  • Problem solving capabilities
  • Independent.